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Apollon Kalamarias was founded in 1926 in the region of Kalamaria in Thessaloniki by refugees coming from Pontus. Those refugees, a product of the war between Greece and Turkey in 1921-22, were forced to leave their homeland in south coasts of the Black Sea.  They were mainly sent to Northern Greece and some of them near the city of Thessaloniki. Unfortunately, they were not allowed to live near of the city. A special Ghetto had been arranged for them, even without basic infrastructure (roads, etc.).    They were simply left alone to settle.

People from Pontus are famous for their devotion (some call them stubborn!) and so, they managed to settle down, to grow and eventually to prosper! Almost immediatly after their establishment in Kalamaria (this is how this area near Thessaloniki was called), they founded a cultural club in March 1926, just to entertain themselves and have a good time in between their enormous everyday problems.

Apollon is the name of the ancient Greek god of music. And this club was supposed to serve sports, as well as culture. They considered this, as the title of their own club and Apollon Kalamarias has already been founded!

Today, not only the area of Kalamaria is developed, but it is also considered as the best, most expensive and having the highest quality of life, area in Thessaloniki. Everybody, especially inhabitants living there for more than three decated, remember the pain, the efforts and the difficulties that it faced in order to be so. Kalamaria is the greatest municipality in the county of Thessaloniki, after the main municipality of Thessaloniki.

Apollon Kalamarias, represents all refugees from Pontus, not only those living in Kalamaria. This is the reason, why there are numerous number of fans in the diametrical part of Thessaloniki, in Stavroupoli, Neapoli, Oreokastro, as well as in Kalamaria of course. Apollon Kalamarias is famous for its football club and its basketball club in women, where it won the Greek championsip in 1992. Previous years it has also been famous for its wrestling and boxing athletes.

The football club of Apollon Kalamarias had even won the championship of Northern Greece, before a national Division was created. The first Greek A Division championship was held in 1959. Of course, Apollon Kalamarias was present. Since then, the team really belongs to A Division.